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Restaurants Monument | About us

In the preparation of food we found the meaning of life. The diets of your taste sensation are our biggest challenge. Your court is the only truth and for 24 years.

Concept of MONUMENT restaurant

It is clearly planned according to the needs of the environment, based on an authentic menu, quick and quality service, good atmosphere and entertainment. In the brand Monument, knowledge was acquired from a twenty-year experience gained through a wide range of urban catering activities.

The brand name comes from the historical monument "Milošev amam" - a Turkish bath built within the Savamala Castle of Prince Miloš Obrenović - located within the first cafe-restaurant MONUMENT in Belgrade. The concept of popularizing cultural monuments through its catering facilities gives the brand MONUMENT a special content and enables natural integration in every environment.

The keys to success within MONUMENT:

1. experience and knowledge
2. menu "Monument"
3. superb training of the staff
4. guests' recommendations
5. constant work on maintenance and quality improvement

Monument cafe-restaurants consist of 3 whole: restaurant, wine and coffee-delicacies.

Restaurant section

The restaurant is based on the original Mediterranean cuisine. By using only natural foods and spices, and by their quick thermal treatment, we get dishes with a rich composition of minerals and vitamins whose aroma is remembered. Through the concept of healthy nutrition in our menu we highlight a large selection of salad, which by their energy value and grammar, as well as attractive recipe, represent the perfect combination for an ideal meal. In our offer beside the salad there is a great selection of homemade pasta, pizza and from our offer of dishes you can find local specialties, cooked homemade dishes according to our grandmother's recipes, dishes under the honeycomb, meat grill dishes with special care and they are processed and prepared in our butchers in a special way.

Wine section

In MONUMENT wine offer we present a large selection of red and white wines, as well as sparkling and dessert wines. We try to enrich our very wide range of domestic and foreign labels with new labels and an ever-increasing quality offer of good and quality wines.

Coffee - delicacy part

In addition to the large selection of coffee, the specificity of our offer is fresh-juice juices (combinations of different fruits and vegetables), as well as fruit plate (a combination of fruit with honey, ice cream or chocolate). All treats are made from fresh foods. All cakes, dough, fillets and creams are made according to the original recipes and fresh well-selected ingredients with the addition of "MONUMENT SHEMA".

Restaurants Monument | News

Monument Russsin Tzar 06.07.2021

A new restaurant Monument has opened in the center of Belgrade, in the space of the famous Belgrade building Russian Tsar!

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