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Car purchase Serbia


Who are we?
Car purchase Serbia, Car purchase Belgrade DeltaTop - we exist and operate for more than 20 years. We are engaged in the purchase of used, damaged, old cars, trucks and vehicles of all types and kinds.

Where are we?
Purchase of cars (vehicles) Serbia is located in Belgrade at Beogradska 36, ​​where our center and plot with vehicles are located.

What types and kinds of cars and vehicles do we buy?
Purchase of cars Serbia purchases all types, types and brands of used, damaged and old cars, trucks and other vehicles, regardless of the condition, mileage and year of production.

In which cities in Serbia do we buy cars?
We are present in all cities and municipalities of Serbia. We buy cars and vehicles quickly and efficiently. When you call us, our car or vehicle valuation experts will come to your address as soon as possible.

What are the purchase prices of cars (vehicles)? 
We guarantee the best prices for buying cars or vehicles in Belgrade and Serbia. We are ready for any agreement with you in the desire to offer you the best redemption price.

How to contact us?
If you want to consult with us or schedule an assessment of your vehicle, please call us on 063 733 39 96 or send us an inquiry via the contact page or via the website,

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